Mirage (1965), an intense psychological drama thriller movie starring Gregory Peck, Diana Baker among others. Shot entirely in black & white, the plot is convoluted and confusing to begin with because David Stillwell (Gregory Peck) is himself confused. He does’nt remember anything for two years or who is Shela (Diana Baker) or why she meets him or what is happening to him. Strange things are happening to him. He goes to a Dr. Broden, a psychiatrist who tells him its impossible to have amnesia for two years. He then hires a detective Caselle (Walter Mathau) to find out more about him. In the meanwhile all his troubles start when Charles Calvin (Walter Abel) falls down from his 27th floor office. Whole of lot of confusing plots thrown here and there, quite like a Hitchcockian suspense movie. Very slowly its starts unravelling for Gregory Peck as it does for the viewers. Brilliant acting by Gregory Peck and Diana Baker. Lot of action towards the end, but i would’nt want to reveal the suspense. Worth the watch for the beautiful screenplay and Gregory Peck and the beautiful Diana Baker.

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