This is a historical fiction book written by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles about the life of Anne Peters, an English lady who is stranded in Paris, when war breaks out and she has to leave her employment in Paris in haste. She develops friendship with one Russian Count Kirov who rescues her from Paris and asks her to become a governess to his children back in Russia. She arrives in St. Petersburg and is named as Anna Petrova and while taking care of the children, also falls in love with the Count. One of the count’s children goes missing and Anna goes searching for her, the kid starts to see some visions which takes her somewhere far away. In the meanwhile one Cossack tribe leader is smitten by Anna and proposes marriage to her. Set during the Napoleonic wars in Paris and Russia, the novel sputters after a good start and fails to reach an epic climax. Goodreads 2/5

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles has written a lot of historical fiction books especially the Kirov trilogy of which this book was the first part, and the Morland Dynasty series which is on British history from Middle ages to the Second World War and the Bill Slider mystery series and several single novels.

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