Award winning Malayalam movie “Neelakuyil” (1954) starring Sathyan and P. Bhaskaran in stellar roles. Set in those times, the movie is a pathbreaking one for the bold content in terms of an illicit relationship and an child born out of wedlock, which came into Bollywood only in the 1970s. Sathyan is a school teacher in a primary school and he falls in love with a dalit girl. When the girl reveals that she is pregnant all hell breaks loose with him and he dumps her fearing backlash from his side of the society. The girl dies during childbirth and the kid is brought up by the local post master P. Bhaskaran. Sathyan then marries another girl of his same status, but he comes to know of the real identity of the kid and then follows all psychological pangs of love and affection. Sathyan has then a super role and so has Bhaskaran. Rest are passable. The film won the National film award for the best feature film in Malayalam and in fact is the first film in Malayalam to win that award. The film is directed by acclaimed director Ramu Kariat.

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