Shyamchi Aai

A timeless classic made in 1953 which won the first ever National film award in 1953 portrays a simple story of a love between a mother and her child. Very beautifully directed movie by Prahlad Atre, it depicts the struggle of a small family in rural Maharashtra indebted as they are to money lenders, they lose everything twice over. An idealistic family with ample love passing between the family members, it is the mother’s love for her small son which is overwhelming throughout the movie. Both the mother (played by Vanamala) and the kid (played brilliantly by Madhav Vaze) have performed beautifully throughout the movie. The mother teaches all the right values for the kid and wrongs and even smacks when he makes a wrong choice. In turn the son turns out to be an ideal son for the mother. The son once helps a dalit women who has fallen down due to heavy load which she is carrying, for which the temple priest upbraids the kid, but he narrates that his mother has taught him to do it. Great watch for the true movie connoisseur.

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