Paradise Now

Brilliant Palestinian film “Paradise Now” (2005) directed by Hany Abu Asad about two close friends Said (Kais Nashif) and Khaled (Ali Suleman) who are chosen to be suicide bombers and what goes through them thereafter. It is basically two days in their lives, when they are car mechanics in a garage, so it is life before when one of the friend is fired for incompetence and the other one starts falling in love with Suha (Lubna Azabal) who is a Palestinian but born in France and grew up in Morocco. She is the daughter of a famous leader who is a martyr. The film shows the emotions when Said especially leaves his family without saying anything and when Khaled unintentionally gives a shopping message to his mother in his last taped message.

Their first attempt to go, gets botched up and Said and Khaled gets separated in the melee that followed. What follows is a tumult with Khaled especially doubting the whole exercise, but Said staying steadfast because his father was executed as a collaborator when he was ten, so the angst remains in him. Brilliant direction, camera work, dialogues, cinematography and super acting by Kais Nashif and Lubna Azabal. It was apparently, the first Palestinian film to be nominated at the Oscars, though controversy remains about that. But it won the Golden Globe for the best foreign language film.

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