Red Sparrow

2018 Hollywood spy thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton among others. Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence) is a ballerina in Russia when she is seriously injured in one performance. She has an uncle in the secret service of Russia and he is forever plotting something for the State. He ropes in Dominika to do some dirty spy work, makes her vulnerable what with her invalid mother to take care of, she falls for it. The Russians think they have a mole in their ranks higher up in their hierarchy while Dominika discovers there is somebody higher up in the Senate ready to throw in the goodies. There is a lot of violence, sex, more violence, more sex, people talking in heavy accents, lot of action, lot of confusion, who is on which side, ultimately it all clears up thankfully, for us, in the end. The plot takes a long time to develop which is normal i guess with spy movies. As is usual with the spy movies, suspense at the end of it. Jennifer tries to stay sane in the movie while Edgerton is perpetually confused. Every Russian is a suspect, and every American is a patriot, that is hollywood theme for you. Jennifer Lawrence has done a good role, Edgerton is OK.

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