Crow Brain

Enthralling documentary by NatGeo about the super duper intelligence of crows whom we see every day scavenging for food in our neighbourhood are supposedly the most intelligent of all creatures on planet. Their ability to recognize faces is legendary. They can pinpoint one face among millions out there and remember that face and deduce if that face is a dangerous one and make calls to its friends. That’s quite amazing. They eat a very wide diversified range of food which explains probably their intelligence though their brain size is not as big as that of parrots which are the biggest in the bird family. They apparently have very sophisticated language skills as researchers have found out about 250 very different kind of calls made by crows.

Crows are also subject of horror films in hollywood and i remember Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” had a flock of crows attacking a person and killing them as well, which is too much. In India, crows are considered sacred and people feed the crows before the family eats, its a kind of propitiating the souls of the long lost ones.

Quite a remarkable documentary as usual from NatGeo the production values are always outstanding.

I saw the documentary at this link i.e.

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