Ashes and Diamonds

image taken from internet for representational purpose only, not with an intention to violating copyright

Brilliant Polish film by Andrzej Wajda made in black & white in 1958 in a post World War II scenario. Maciek (Zbignew Cibulski), Andrzej & Drewnowski all of them ex army soldiers, have been given the job of assassinating Szczuka who is a popular leader of the Workers Party. The film takes place in 1945 immediately after Germany surrender in the war and communists are beginning to take over Poland. The three of them fail in their attempt as they mistakenly shoot two other innocent people. They come to know of their blunder and flee back to city. There their commanding officer orders another hit on the man. They come to a hotel, where Maciek falls for a bar girl Krystyna ( Ewa Krzyzewska) while Drewnowski is flirting with the hope of a career job in the ministry in the new Poland. But he gets terribly drunk. And Andrzej has been told by his commanding officer to stay away this time and let Maciek do the job. Incidentally, Szczuka is also staying in the same hotel but he comes to know that his 17 year son has joined the underground group and has been arrested by the police. The climax is quite good, there is a band playing a difficult tune at 4.30 a.m in the morning, while all three make their separate ways but to a different destiny. Zbignew Cibulski and Ewa Krzyzewska have done good roles while others are OK. Andrzej Wajda made this film in 1958 when the communists had already entrenched themselves in Poland, so this is a kind of subtle dig at the communists.

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