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Beautiful Assamese movie, Firingoti (1992) directed by Jahnu Barua. Ritu Baroah (Moloya Goswami) has had a difficult childhood and marriage, she becomes a widow very young. But her father encourages her to go out and work and not wear the widow clothes even. She gets a job as a primary school teacher in village Koronga deep in Assam, where to reach it, takes days on foot. She arrives to find no school at all there, as the old school had burned down 12 years ago and the school master of that school was taking his salary until his retirement 5 months ago. That is the level of corruption in India. Anyway, disheartened she thinks of going back to the city, when the village headman encourages her to start a school in the village. Initially the villagers are apprehensive at sending their kids to school as they lose a helping hand in their farm land and for errand jobs. But she convinces them and village falls in line. In comes a trouble maker in the form if a village ruffian who lost his job in the city and comes back to marry a local girl, but that girl, Dalimi is under the care of Ritu and she tells her to refuse her hand, saying nobody can force to marry her. The film depicts a lot of ignorance amongst the village folks in absence of education, many people are able to fool them or con with with false stories. There is one village idiot who keeps telling them strange stories of his army life including Germany bombing Japan with atom bomb which was called Hiroshima!!

Moloya Goswami has played a good role, for which she won the national award as best actress of 1992. Jahnu Barua is a renowned film director has made some very good movies over the years. Assamese language is not the same as Bengali there is a marked difference in both, few words i could understand, but is a nice pleasing language.

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