Little Lord Fauntleroy

A 1936 black & white cult classic Little Lord Fauntleroy produced by David O. Selznick (the same guy who produced Gone with the Wind and Rebecca). There is a later 1980 version of the same film. This is on the basis of a novel of the same name written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The scene starts with death of Earl of Dorincourt in Brooklyn in the 1880s leaving behind his widow (Dolores Costello Barrymore – the grandmother of present day actress Drew Barrymore) and his young kid Cedric (Freddie Bartholomew), a precocious young child of 9. They are living in US because the son married without the consent of his father and the Earl disowned him. Now they get a letter from the Earl inviting them to stay with the Earl in their country home, but the mother should stay away from the kid. The kid wins over the grumpy cantankerous old man and the village starts seeing a new Earl and he starts gaining respect from the villagers. Challenge comes from an imposter claiming to the next in line, but by then the old man has started to have fond feelings for the kid. Its a nice slow, feel good movie, lot of good manners in it and lot of British aristocratic style. Nice movie made for the 1930s, camera work is decent, the print has got a little wavy at times, but its good to watch.

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