What a magnificient classic from Govind Nihalani, Vijeta (1982) is all about confidence, love, courage, friendship, tragedy. Probably the best ever movie made on Indian air force, Govind Nihalani has infused all emotions into it, to make it a classic. Angad Singh (Kunal Kapoor) the son of Nihal Singh (Shashi Kapoor) and Neelima (Rekha) is confused, directionless, lacking in ambition, lacking in courage to finish anything. Confused between a demanding, berating father and a doting, loving mother and caught between their fights. He joins the NDA at the prompting of his uncle Om Puri, fails at horse riding, then succeeds, fails at acrobatic spinning and then succeeds when Amrish Puri gives him confidence. At the NDA he develops friendship with three friends, Venkat, Aslam & Melvin, who become his fast friends and also he falls in love with his superior’s daughter, Anna Varghese (Supriya Pathak in an outstanding performance), fails to get his emotions out and then succeeds. 1971 war breaks out, they are sent to the front to fight the enemy. In between there is much anguish and tragedy and sadness. Both Shashi Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor and Supriya Pathak go through the roller coaster of emotions with grit and love. Both Rekha and Supriya Pathak are absolutely magnificent in their roles and Shashi Kapoor as well bringing in his whole range of acting skill to the fore. Amrish Puri as usual is brilliant in his role, giving the confidence to the young wannabe fighter pilot. Its all about believing in somebody and that person to have the self confidence. Govind Nihalani manages to take the viewer through bouts of emotional ride throughout this movie. There are some superb visuals of war scenes involving tanks & fighter planes in the movie. Goosebumps moment for the viewers. Two classical songs Bichurat Mose Kanha by Parween Sultana and Man Anaand Anaand Chaayo by Asha Bhosale and Satyasheel Deshpande.

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