Slaughterhouse Five

It takes a while for me to get the hang of this book, but when i get it, its breathtaking in its scope. Billy Pilgrim is in the midst of it, he is everywhere, kicked by everybody, stamped at, abused, ridiculed, he survives a plane crash, alien abduction is his safety net to go to. He is kicked by Roland Weary and abused by Professor Rumfoord yet for him the most important was that he was there in Dresden when they fire bombed the city to dust, yet he survived. At times you feel Kurt Vonnegut is Billy Pilgrim. Vonnegut takes the reader to Dresden much later in the book, his disgust for the war is apparent. Billy Pilgrim survives the war, becomes rich, loses his head, loses his wife, time travels from one year to another recollecting tales in his head, becomes enamored of a failed writer Kilgore Trout, meets him, helps him, goes to Tralfamadore, becomes a zoo subject. Kurt Vonnegut is scathing and funny at the same time. But it all comes down squarely to Dresden, he keeps coming back to Dresden all the time. Brilliant in its scope, pulsating, funny and his angst at Dresden is shown throughout the book. Goodreads 5/5

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