Danger Zone – Fukushima

The next episode of Danger Zones takes Ariglit Boonyai to Fukushima, Japan and here it is not a conflict of war, but a nuclear disaster that has made Fukushima and Tomioka a danger zone. An earthquake on 11th March 2011 followed by a tsunami created the disaster. The Daiichi nuclear plant was located close to the sea and bore the brunt of the waters rushing into its plant and thereby the fuel rods melted and creating the worst ever radiation exposure after Chernobyl in 1986. The area was evacuated immediately the next day and none of the them ever came back to their previous homes in Fukushima. The area is now being decontaminated but estimates say it might take decades and even centuries to completely clean up the area. Normally radiation levels occur 30 to 40 years after the accident, so it would be the children who will bear the brunt of the disaster. Few hardy souls do stay back in Fukushima to cater to the large number of animals left behind by the residents. The parks and playgrounds are dangerous for children to play around in.

Picture taken from the internet, not with an intention to violating copyright.

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