A Chinese Ghost Story

A 2011 Chinese fantasy movie about demons and humans, demons out for human blood for their energy. There is a giant tree up a Black Mountain which houses the chief demon who is a fierce lady. She has lots of ladies under her wing whose job is to entice men to their kisses and suck their energy. Yan Chi Xia (Louis Koo) is a demon hunter whose job is to hunt down demons but he falls in love with one such demon Nie Xiao Qian (Liu Yefei). The village underneath that mountain suffers because of no water. Years later one guy comes across to that village and is forced to go up the mountain to seek the water source. Then he goes up and then all the action begins to eliminate the demons. He also falls in love with the same demon girl. Lots of action sequences, special effects, bodies flying, swords flying, and lots of violence later the equation is redeemed between demons and humans. Technically brilliant movie you will love it if you like fantasy movies.

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