incompetent bankers

Yesterday was a harrowing day, the whole day spent in dealing with incompetent bankers at ICICI Bank Limited. We had to do an online transaction for processing of Canadian visa on the Canadian government website

The payment was to be made in Canadian dollars from my credit card or debit card, but every time i tried to make the payment i was getting an error – Transaction Declined with some error code 481 with credit card and 476 with debit card. This happened umpteen no. of times.

This happened on Friday night, Saturday whole day, Sunday and Monday morning as well. So i go to the nearby ICICI Branch office to explain my woes. The Branch Manager there was totally blank, she said it may be due to forex market closed during the weekends and then pressed me to make local payment so that they can take care of the transaction from their end. I told her, it was an online payment on a government approved website for a visa, so there was no question whatsoever of making payment through internet banking or any other method. Then they asked me to call customer centre, which is a joke in ICICI Bank. First of all it takes ages to reach the human at the call centre, then all that person does is transfer call from one department to another. Yes, they are very eager to transfer calls to another department. They never understood my problem, so when i became difficult, they just put the call on hold for some ICICI ads for minutes on end.

Then started the desperate rounds of finding a solution to this problem with contact friends and relatives who knew somebody who knew somebody higher up in ICICI bank. That also did not help, because every body had their own solutions, which was useless. The fact is that ICICI Bank staff had absolutely no clue about my issue and were giving me off the desk solutions which had no relevance whatsoever .

Desperate twitter to ICICI handle with copies to RBI, PMO, Finance Minister, Finance Ministry, Narendra Modi did not help because apparently ICICI Bank cares two hoots about these honorable gentlemen. Mail to their also did not help, because, again useless bunch of incompetent idiots sitting at that end and giving me garbage replies.

In the end, my problem got sorted because i asked a friend to make payment from his end, but the fact remains that ICICI Bank were totally clueless about the situation at hand. The fact remains and it is appalling to say the least that we have some absolutely incompetent people sitting in ICICI Bank. Few people did try their best, like one staff at the branch level and a couple of guys who did understand the problem but had no solution or gave a solution, which was outside the system. Overall the customer service at ICICI Bank is pathetic to say the least.

And it was not a Siberian thing also, many people apply for Canadian visa on the govt. site and all of them pay via online only, their payments are going through, how come nobody in the bank knows anything about it. All of them are working in silos, nobody knows lot of things.

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