36 Chowringhee Lane

36 Chowringhee Lane is all about Jennifer Kendal, the story revolves around her, an anglo Indian lady living alone in Calcutta with her cat, after her only niece marries and moves away to Australia. She is a teacher in Shakespeare (the Shakespeare connection comes back after Shakespearewallah) in a school in Calcutta and has her elder brother (Geoffrey Kendall) to look forward to. There are a few Anglo Indians living in Calcutta but feeling out of place. Violet Stoneham (Jennifer Kendal) meets a student and her boyfriend, who is a budding poet and they manoevre into her heart and her home. Its a kind of a pleasant spot in her otherwise dull, drab, lonely, boring life out there, like an alien in a strange place. They get married and Violet takes a cake which she has baked for them for Christmas to their house, as promised by her, but she gets a shock of her life. Jennifer Kendal has performed an absolutely magnificent role of her lifetime in this movie, her quiet countenance, her bright smile, her faraway look, her anglo Indian accent – this movie is all about her – brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

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