This Land

A running documentary by a runner cum advocate Faith Briggs where she along with her diverse companions run 150 miles through public lands that runs through 3 US national monuments (in US protected lands are called as monuments, for whatever reason) and these public lands are contentious ones, because the administration is seeking to either exploit these public lands and/ or not allow people to access it.

Some breathtaking camera work showcasing the beauty of the terrain, but my only regret is that the documentary is too short. It should have panned for more time, showing us more of the complex, diverse terrain, wildlife, shrubbery, places, rocks, canyons trees, rivers et al.

Briggs and her friends run through 3 public lands starting from Oregaon and ending up at New Mexico. Public lands are important for conservation of earth in that it retains its original flora & fauna for hundreds of years with no commercial activity allowed, no development, no rail roads, no tunnels, running through it.

It would be utopian to think that governments have best interest in their minds, yet we have seen governments in India seeking to destroy forest, natural animal habitats all for exploiting it for commercial operations like a mine, or bullet train or whatever. That ecosystem, which is built over hundreds nay thousands of years gets destroyed in a few years with mindless development projects.

You can watch the documentary at

Picture taken from internet and not with an intention to violating the copyright.

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