SEBI has amended the regulation 42 of the Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements Regulations (LODR) vide its notification dated 5th August, 2020. Basically the amendment is a technical one. Regulation 42 pertains to listed entities intimating to the stock exchanges record date for closure of transfer books for various purposes like dividends, bonus shares etc. The intimation is to be given to those stock exchanges in which the listed entity’s securities are listed.

Now it has amended regulation 42 saying that intimation to be given to the stock exchanges where the listed entity’s securities are listed or where stock derivatives are available on the stock of the listed entity or where listed entity’s stock forms part of an index in which derivatives are available.

This condition was in reg 42(1)(e) where intimation is to be given in case of corporate action like mergers, de-mergers, splits and bonus shares. Now it has been carried to the header before the purposes are spelt out.

SEBI circular can be found here


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