Very deep and poignant French romantic movie (2012) directed by Michael Haneke about love and affection of two octogenarians towards each other. Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne (Emmanuelle Riva) are both retired music teachers living alone in Paris. They attend a concert by one of their pupils and return home. The next day morning at breakfast Anne just freezes for a few minutes. Georges notices it and is alarmed and about to get help when she responds. Then medical check up follows and Anne becomes paralysed on one side. Georges takes care of Anne, while all the while Anne starts slowly deteriorating. He employs nurse to take care of her on three days a week, but rest of the time he is the one who feeds her, bathes her, combs her hair, reads out to her. Then Anne gets a second stroke and her speech becomes slurred. The progressive deterioration in Anne’s condition is beautifully shown and magnificently acted by Emmanuelle. Their daughter who stays in London with her husband comes in twice or thrice concerned that modern medicine has no cure for this illness. They themselves are struggling with their finances back home. The love and affection for Anne by Georges is brilliantly portrayed and superb acting by Jean-Louis Trintignant.

Reminded me of my late father who progressively deteriorated until he could do nothing by himself and had to helped for every small thing like a child. His speech also slurred towards the end.

Brilliant movie and rightly judged as best foreign picture at the Oscars of 2012.

Picture taken from internet and not with a view to violating copyright.

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