Bombay Talkie

A 1970 Merchant Ivory Productions, a tale of unrequited love. Jenifer Kendall is Lucia an American writer who has failed in all her marriages and has not had a successful past. But she has come to research for a novel in India. She is introduced to Hari (Zia Mohyeddin) a script writer and Vikram (Shashi Kapoor) a busy film star in his own right. Lucia has had a vacuum in all her life which is duly filled by Hari and Vikram. Vikram is already married to Mala (Aparna Sen in a stunningly beautiful role) but without children. Love triangle emerges between Lucia, Hari & Vikram. Lucia leaves all behind and goes to an ashram but is disturbed by what she sees there. Brilliant script, camera work, direction and over all some magnificient acting from Jenifer Kendal and Shashi Kapoor and understated elegance by Zia Mohyeddin. Some very bold scenes were enacted in the movie, which i guess would have been taboo in Indian films of 1970. There is one cameo song by Usha Iyer in her young days, stunning as usual.

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