Dar Donyaye to Sat Chande

Iranian movie (2014) by Safi Yazdanian starring Leila Hatami. Gileh Goli (Leila Hatami) comes back to Teheran on a whim to her own village Rasht, which she left 20 years ago. There she is met by Farhad (Ali Mosaffa) who apparently claims to know everything about her. She goes back to her village, her townspeople are upset with her for not attending her mother’s funeral 5 years ago. Farhad tries to get close to Goli but she repulses it not knowing the past. At one point, she has him beaten up by goons for which she regrets later. Yazdanian has done beautiful job in releasing the plot slowly. Goli meets up with her old flame Ali Yaghuti who is now happily married with three children. Goli discovers that one of their school friend Hamid has committed suicide in Finland. The movie moves in flashbacks showing Farhad taking care of Goli’s mom and her concern for his love for Goli. At one point she refers to Goli’s husband as Anton but Farhad corrects it to Antoine, then Goli’s mom says like the Russian writer whose female characters always ends in misery. It takes a while for Goli to realise the unrequited love of Farhad for her. Beautiful haunting music Christophe Rezai.

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