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SEBI has notified certain amendments to SEBI (Investment Advisors) Regulations 2013.

Gist of these amendments are as follows

A. Segregation of Advisory & Distribution Activities
• Segregation of Advisory & Distribution Activities at client level to avoid conflict of interest.
• An individual shall have the option to register as an Investment Adviser or
provide distribution services as a distributor.
• A non-individual investment adviser shall have client level segregation at group level for investment advisory and distribution services and maintain an arm’s length relationship between its activities by providing advisory services through a separately identifiable department or division.
B. Implementation services
• Investment Advisers are allowed to provide implementation services (Execution) through direct schemes/ products in the securities market. However, no consideration can be received directly or indirectly, at investment adviser’s group or family level for these services.
C. Agreement between Investment Adviser and client
• Mandatory agreement to be entered between Investment Adviser and the client for ensuring greater transparency with reference to advisory activities.
D. Fees
• The fee charged by the Investment Adviser for providing Investment Advice from a client shall be in the manner as specified by SEBI.
E. Eligibility Criteria for IAs
• Enhanced eligibility criteria for registration as an Investment Adviser including net worth of Rs.50 lakhs for non-individuals and Rs. 5 lakhs for individuals.
• Individual investment adviser or a principal officer of a non-individual investment adviser to have enhanced professional or post-graduate qualification in relevant subjects and relevant experience of five years while grandfathering existing Individual Investment Advisers from complying with the enhanced qualification and experience as specified by SEBI.
• Individuals registered as investment advisers whose number of clients exceed 150 in total, shall apply for registration with SEBI as non-individual investment adviser.

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