Grave of the fireflies

A Japanese animation movie (1988) that is unlike any animation movie you must have seen. Most of the animation movies are happy or playful characters for children amusement. This is the first time i am watching a serious animation movie. It is in fact an emotionally gut wrenching movie of two siblings Seita and his little sister Setsuko in the dying days of the world war II in Japan. Their house is bombed in a war raid, their mother dies, they move to an aunt place to live. The aunt develops animosity towards these two children after some time, so the kids are forced to move out to live in a bomb shelter, with food being rationed they find it difficult to survive. Setsuko starts getting increasingly ill and Seita increasingly concerned about her. The love and care between the two siblings is beautifully and poignantly bought out. It is a very tough movie to watch towards the end. The animation is beautifully done by the Japanese studio Ghibli.

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