Flashy Funerals

Matthew, funeral director.

Short TV movie on how people spend so much money on arranging lavish funerals for their loved ones – to enable them to spend their last moments on earth well remembered by their loved ones. The movie takes the example of three such funerals – two of the dead persons were physically challenged persons, so there was that much love and affection, an outpouring really of emotions towards their loved ones who passed away and who lived all their lives in difficult situation and with lot of pain. The third case is that of a person who was in and out of jail almost throughout his life and has therefore, not enjoyed his life so much, so his family members want to give him that much love and respect for his final journey and resting place. Some of the prices mentioned in the movie are outrageous, the caskets costing upwards of 10,000 pounds and total cost going in the range of 50,000 pounds upwards. There are the limousines, rolls royces, farmyard animals, chevrolet, expensive suits, flowers, decorations, food, wine, music et al. There are choices of burial grounds in a cemetry or in their garden or being kept in a catacomb. There are choice of burial or cremation, but being christians, most favour burial only. Cost of the tomb also goes into huge amount of pounds with expensive marble, artisans, etc.

Expensive business being dead is……

The image used above is for representational purposes only and not with an intention to violating copyright.

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