Country of origin

Govt. has mandated vide their press release dated 23rd June, 2020 that sellers on the Government e-commerce site have to mention the country of origin of their products while registering all new products and existing sellers have to also list the country of origin of their products, failing which they will be removed from the Government e-market place.

In my view this is blatantly discriminatory. Govt. should fight its political battles on its own, without involving the industry in this matter. There may be lot of companies who may be contractually obligated with their Chinese counter parts, govt. should realise this, otherwise the fight will go to the arbitration and civil courts. The best thing that govt. could have done is allow all such companies to finish their contractual obligations and then dissuade them from trading or dealing with certain countries. Tomorrow if the govt. starts with fighting with a dozen countries, then they will disallow trade from those countries. In today’s inter-connected world, it is virtually impossible for any country to be completely self isolated like South Korea was at one time.

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