White Rim MTB Trail

Documentary on Payson McElveen breaking the White Rim MTB Trail record (FKT – Fastest known time) by covering 100 miles in Canyonlands National Park in Utah. He finished it in 5.45.16 hours the previous record was 5.59.34 set by Andy Dorais in 2016. Canyonlands in mountain bike territory with dusty curving mud roads which has stones, roots and all kinds of things that can knock you off. There is a 2220 ft climb at about hour 5 of the trail, so that is a tough one.

Payson has been a two time national defending mountain biking champion

India surprisingly does not have any mountain biking championships. There are some under the Cycling Federation of India but those are for junior bikers and the trail is 4 to 6 kms. There is nothing at a professional level and this is something which is screaming to take off. There are lot of mountain ranges and some of the ones are quite breathtaking to say the least. This could be a game changer for many.

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