GST through EVC

Government under Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs has vide its notification no. 48/2020 dated 19th June, 2020 allowed GST registered persons who are companies under the Companies Act, 2020 to file their GSTR3B returns and GSTR1 returns by EVC method i.e. Electronic Verification code, which basically means an OTP will come to the mobile no. of the registered person or the authorised person in case of a company. This is a much better system of filing the GSTR returns than via the digital signature mode and i feel that the CBITC should make it as default option for the registered persons. It saves too much of hassle in filing the returns online which are time bound. Otherwise one has to take a digital signature, which is valid only for 2 years, then that DSC has to be registered on the GST portal and then there are other issues like the emsigner verification, which is a totally cumbersome process and very difficult to navigate. Govt. should make it easier for the assesses to file the returns instead of making it cumbersome.

This filing by EVC method is allowed from 27th May, 2020 to 30th September, 2020 due to the covid pandemic, but in my view it should be made permanent fixture going forward.

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