A brilliant film made in 1962 by Satyajit Ray, that very subtly conveys lot of messages. The languid pace of this movie is absolutely brilliant. Its about a Bengali family on the last day of their holiday in Darjeeling hoping for a glimpse of the Kanchenjunga peak, but still not able to do so, because of cloud cover. In the meanwhile there is a lot of cloud in his family, his elder daughter is unhappy in her marriage and is seeing her old lover. Her husband knows it. Meanwhile the younger daughter is being primed for marriage with an arranged rendezvous with a young suitor. The younger daughter is not very sure of the institution of marriage especially arranged marriage because she is aware of her elder sister’s miseries. The old man is meanwhile in a world of his own, he has fond respects for the British and contempt for the nationalists and freedom fighters. He meets a young man who wants a job but the young guy is not very impressed with his pro Britishness and pro rich mentality. There is a lot of slow walk in the movie between the protagonists. The movie moves on several parallels with each slowly moving to a conclusion with the Kanchanjunga ranges showing itself majestically at the end. That Satyajit Ray can write such a script and make a movie in 1962 with subtle woman power at its theme is a tribute to the master. Its an absolutely masterful movie by the great man.

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