East Side General

East Side General by Frank G. Slaughter a medical thriller. The novel depicts 24 hours life in a hospital when couple of patients are brought in with atomic radiation. There are a whole lot of complications in a hospital with a lot of tensions thrown in besides this case of atomic radiation, another patient is brought in with near similar injuries. Meanwhile FBI is on the hunt for the suspected killer or bomber. The story goes back to the Nazi days, when a Nazi escapee successfully entrenches himself in the American establishment, yet not left his roots with his Nazi past. One intern knows something about his past, which he tries to use to his advantage. Meanwhile one doctor is romantically involved with a nurse, one other nurse commits suicide, whole lot of things happening in the life of a hospital. Nothing much by way of story so Goodreads 2/5

Frank G. Slaughter (1908-2001) has written a lot of books and has been a successful writer. Several of his novels have been made into movies (source: wikipedia)

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