The Island

Absolutely magnificent Russian movie “The Island” directed by Pavel Lungin – story of a monk in a small island who is repenting for his past sin. The story starts in 1944 during the second world war when a german officer forces Anatoly (Pyotr Mamonov in a bravura role) to shoot his superior. Anatoly thinks he is dead and he himself survives the blast that the germans had engineered on his tug boat. The story fast forwards to 1976 showing Father Anatoly as a repentant monk and having some miraculous healing powers. It also shows him as a undisciplined monk having his own habits quite apart from the church. Here is where the movie sags a little and takes too much time. The superior officer comes to the island because his own daughter is not quite mentally well off after the death of her husband. Anatoly and his superior officer meet and the superior officer says i have forgiven you long back. Sombre music, dreary landscape in the Russian snowy landscape makes for a riveting movie. The cinematography is quite good.

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