Satyajit Ray’s last film (1991) and it is a classic. Anila Bose (Mamta Shankar in a superb riveting performance) receives a letter from her long lost relative, that he is coming to visit them. He had been gone for 35 years since he left immediately after his college and Anila was only 2 years then and has no recollection of him. None of her other relatives are alive to corroborate him, so his arriving brings in an element of suspense and intrigue to their lives. Who is he – is he an imposter, is he after her husband’s rich collection of paintings and sculptures or is he coming back to claim his share of his late father’s will. All these questions nag Anila and her husband Sudhindra Bose (Deepankar De) and they bring in an element of drama in the form of their friends to prise open this stranger Manomohan Mitra (Utpal Dutt). Satyajit Ray has kept the enduring undercurrent of suspense and intrigue throughout the film. Camera work from the master is as usual astounding as he manages to capture the varied emotions on the faces of the actors.

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