Marie Antoinette

Absorbing documentary on Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France before the French revolution. Her life and times is beautifully portrayed in this documentary. And unlike the common image of a debauched queen, what we have is a much misunderstood queen who is devoted to her husband and to France and to the monarchy. She was accused of a lot of things in her life by disgruntled journalists of those times (yes, it was interesting to note such creatures existed then also). Lot of things which could be said to be bad with monarchy affected her also for eg. her young marriage with a 11 year old Louis XVI and his inability to consummate the marriage for 7 years, the bad state of finances of France at that time was laid at her doorstep. She was a creature of that time first in her marriage, then as her duties as the Queen and then the ever growing resentment of the people leading to the French revolution. What happened was inevitable, but this documentary throws a lot of good light on her, which i am sure must be the case. Interesting to know about the history of various people and reigns.

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