Ek Ruka Hua Faisla

A 1985 movie by Basu Chatterjee based on a Hollywood remake of 12 Angry Men. The movie is inside a court room where 12 jurors have to decide whether a young man is guilty of killing his father or not. There are a couple of witnesses and the prosecution got away with their case because the defence was weak. The jury system was never prevalent in India, so this is kinda fictional retake. Out of 12 jury members, initially only one was in favour of the kid and angry repercussions follow from the remaining based more on their socio political mileau than anything else. The evidence is weak, motive is non existent, so it takes a brilliant script writing to swing the verdict the other way. Waves upon waves of brilliance in the script, The 12 men are as much condemned to make a decision in a hot stuffy room with no fans and air-condition and no food and only water for succour. All their inner demons is pealed off beautifully one by one. Lot of characters have done brilliant job prominent among them K.K. Raina, Pankaj Kapur, M.K. Raina and Anu Kapoor (unrecognisable), Deepak Qazir. Its nice to see the old timers in the movie. The entire movie is shot inside the room.

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