A World without Downs Syndrome

Beautiful documentary on children with Down’s Syndrome. Story told by Sally Phillips, herself a mother to a Down’s kid. Very pertinent issues she talks about with various experts whether pre-natal screening is at all necessary. That Down’s Syndrome is not a disease its just that they are different people because of the extra chromosomes. NHS has started giving choices to pregnant mothers with a most advanced screening program, which is 99% accurate, but the ethics of that is debatable. Govt. officials merely side step the issue as a choice given to mothers. One mother who terminated her pregnancy because her unborn child was detected with Down’s tells that it is that much more difficult to raise a child with that kind of condition. Its a very beautifully made documentary, throws a lot of light on this Syndrome. In India any kind of pre-natal testing is not allowed i am not sure whether pre-natal tests for children who might have difficulties is allowed or not.

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