The Householder

The first film from the stable of Merchant Ivory Productions, produced by Ismail Merchant and directed by James Ivory, with screenplay with Ruth Prawer Jhabwala, an English language film in Indian cinema. Shashi Kapoor (Prem Sagar) is a lecturer in a college in a small town in India and just married to Indu (Leela Naidu). He finds the going tough with his meagre salary downing him in sorrow plus his inability to establish a loving relationship with his wife. In comes his domineering mother (Durga Khote) which acts like a catalyst to see his wife in a new light. He tries to look for solace in a friendship with an American who loves India and an unknown godmen, but realises what he is missing in life. The screenplay is okay, it is a simple story, music by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan is beautiful, but the highlight of the movie is brilliant acting by Shashi Kapoor and the stunningly beautiful Leela Naidu. She literally steals the show in the movie.

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