A 2018 film based on the real life embezzlement of museum artifacts in 1985, two students set out to steal more than 100 artifacts from the Mexico museum, some of the pieces being age old and venerated in the country, belonging to Mayan and Aztec period. Both of them have respectable and reputed families and then they try to sell off these pieces in the market. Nationwide condemnation pours against these thieves, but the police is unable to find them. Gael Garcia Bernal as Juan and Leonardo Ortizgris as Wilson have both done good roles. Overall the movie has a good feel about it. Juan and Wilson are childhood buddies with a dream of their own, Wilson’s father is old and ailing. Alonzo Ruizpalacios has good a super job as a Director.

Picture used only for representational purposes and not for purpose of violating copyright.

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