Kiss the Boss Goodbye

Kiss the Boss Goodbye by Robert Crawford a.k.a. Hugh C Rae, a Scottish writer (1935 – 2014). He had several pseudonyms like Jessica Stirling, James Albany, Robert Crawford, R.B. Houston, Stuart Stern etc. This is a typical crime book in the same mould as those written in the style of James Hadley Chase novels, whose favorite characters are the underdregs of the world. Arthur Salisbury and Frank Shearer are past masters at solving problems of the crime kind. They have been given a job by the gambling syndicate of London led by Forsyth to stop Webber, an American from setting up shop in London. Apparently the dope is that Webber is funded by rich pals from the US. But as Shearer and Salisbury discover there are more to it than a simple stop job. Webber’s family connections comes into picture as are the internecine rivalries amongst the London syndicate itself. Drawn together with some female interests, the plot moves fast paced from one intrigue to another. There is a desperate fight to the end with lot of stakes involved. The narrative is quite good. Crawford is quite good because he has several genres to his credit under his various nom de guerres – romance fiction to historical fiction.

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