Brilliant documentary on protecting the wild salmon from being extinct. What is happening is that salmon is being removed from the wild waters and sent to a hatchery or a fish farm to spawn, what it does to the ecosystem is that the genetic make up of the fish gets changed, it gets weakened in fact, because they are then inbreeding in the fish farms, get lot more diseases, they weigh less (8 to 10 pounds) than if they are in wild waters (22 pounds). Another side effect is that the food chain gets disturbed, because whales depend upon salmon for their food and then they start dying because of that. Another aspect is that dams are build for the development purposes and what happens is that it restricts the natural path of the salmon to go upstream and spawn, Lot of lobbying has led to passing of a bill for destruction of four dams in 2021. So people are getting more aware of the damage being done to the wild salmon because of these factors. Unfortunately, the biggest danger today is the increasing population and the need to feed them humongous amounts of fish (thanks to our celebrity chef recommendations) and that is where the danger lies. Slowly but inexorably we are killing this planet in one way or another. Beautiful documentary with lot of visuals, lots of narration from experts and lot of beautiful thoughts.

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