A Separation

A Separation, a brilliant Iranian film directed by Asghar Farhadi, which won the Oscar for the Best Language Foreign Film in 2012. Its scintillating from the first shot – Simin (Leila Hatami) and her husband Nader (Paymen Moaadi) of 14 years are undergoing separation affecting their 11 year old daughter in school. Nader’s father is old and suffering from Alzheimer and Simin wants to leave Iran for better prospects for her family. Both are emotionally tied to their families and distraught that circumstances force them to act otherwise. Nader appoints a lady to take care of his ailing father and things start to go downhill from there. She is emotionally upset because her husband is jobless and there are lenders at the door. She is a woman taking care of a man, albeit an old ailing man, so there are challenges from the religious angle. The caretaker lady’s husband enters the fray, courts get involved, the caretaker lady’s small kid is suffering as is their own daughter Temreh. Lots more complications and lots more action. Its an action packed, pulsating, riveting movie and worth the Oscar win. Tremendous acting from both Leila Hatami and Paymen Moaadi and in fact all the characters have done an absolutely magnificent job. Highly recommended to watch.

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