Rear Window

Just now saw Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock. What better movie to watch during lockdown than this classic masterpiece from Hitchcock where James Stewart is locked down in his own apartment due to a broken leg. He has a view of about 50 windows from his window and being a professional photographer has a keen eye for observing details in every household. Some are interesting like a girl pirouetting in her own room or a lonely woman seeking companionship or a sad man playing piano. But what catches his professional eye is some shady goings on in one window where the woman is apparently physically challenged and she and her husband are forever quibbling. Matters get out of hand and James suspects murder of the woman by the man on the basis of some tell tale observations. Grace Kelly as the muse of James Stewart plays a refreshing role, initially doubting his theories and then later actively taking part in his amateur investigations. The entire movie is shot from the window into other windows or into the room where Stewart is recuperating and watching. Must watch movie from the stable of Alfred Hitchcock.

Picture used above is for representational purposes only and not with an intention to violating its copyright.

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