The World’s Thousand Best Short Stories – V

Unarguably the greatest collection of short stories ever by anybody. This collection edited by Sir John Alexander Hammerton is a classic cult for the museum. There are about 29 volumes i found in goodreads library. Collection of short stories by masters of literature from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, America, Britain, Russia, Scandinavia, Dutch, Belgium – a colossal work of determination. This collection, which is volume V has short stories by French writers such Guy de Maupassant, Francois Coffee, Jules Claretie, Anatole France, Jules Lemaitre. Belgian writers such as Charles Decoster, Camille Lemonnier, Eugene Demolder and Swiss writers such as Solomon Gessner, Gottfried Keller, Konrad Ferdinand Meyer among others. Difficult to choose any one short story as the best one as all are too good. Most of the french writings have macabre endings, while the Belgian ones revolve around Christianity and Swiss ones are short stories of love, care & affection. These short stories are obviously written in their native languages, so wholehearted credit should go to the translators who have done such a wonderful job. The language is so rich in text belonging to that era you really feel great just reading the texts. Goodreads 5/5

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