literary characters fight Covid

This covid virus has all the footprint of Dr. Prof. Moriarty – he was the one who has created the virus in his laboratory in China, yes he had shifted to China recently. Victor Frankenstein is collaborating with him in England and Hannibal Lector in the States.

But not to worry. Sherlock Holmes is already on his tail ably assisted as usual by Dr. Watson. Hercule Poirot is on a train in Europe to look for their accomplice there. Lisbeth Salander is hacking all the computers to find out the anti virus. Prof Dumbledore is in New Zealand looking for that magic potion that will cure the disease. Howard Roark is meanwhile building all the new hospitals that will host the patients. Reginald Jeeves is taking care of the doctors & nurses. John Galt as the Fed Governor is sanctioning 100 trillion $ for fighting this epidemic. Harry Potter with Hermoine Granger are travelling by their broom under the guidance of Prof. Severus Snape to look for remedies in the forests of Scandinavia. Asterix, Obelix & Dogmatix are readying for war against China while Getafix is making that magic potion which will give energy to the infected people. Tarzan is scouring the Amazon jungles along with his animal friends for that magic plant which will provide cure for the disease. Phantom is doing the same thing in the jungles of the Congo basin. Tintin, Snowy and Capt Haddock are going on a boat and they will meet Capt. Nemo in his submarine all of whom will then go to the deserted but crocodile infested island off Changhai islands which is off the coast of China to retrieve the medicinal plant that will cure thousands of covid patients.

This is all fictional of course. Some light hearted moments during tough times.

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