Cosy Dens

cosy dens

Cosy Dens a Czech film (1999) directed by Jan Hrebejk and starring Michael Beran, Kristyna Novakova, among others. The film dwells during the 1967 & 1968 before the Prague Spring when Russia invaded Czechoslovakia. Michal (Michael Beran) and Jindra (Kristyna Novakova) are neighbours in a building. Michal’s father is a communist type, whereas Jindra’s dad hates communists and is a World war veteran. The kids don’t think great of their fathers. Mothers are the silent suffering ones. There is a world of difference. Jindra goes around with another guy which gives pangs to Michal. There is lot of stupidity among the dads, which amuses the children. The movie goes along there is a lot of undercurrent of tension between the nationalists and the anti communists on the other side.

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