Barkleys ultra marathon

Documentary of Nicky Spinks as she attempted to become the first woman to ever complete the dreaded and treacherous Barkleys Ultra Marathon, the toughest ultra marathon ever in the world. Only 15 runners have completed the course since it started in 1986. They have to run 20 miles in 12 hours five times and the course is extremely difficult with ascents, thorny underfoot, river crossings, and weather hovers from extreme heat and humidity to extremely cold and freezing with snow.  Lazarus Lake has devised this ultra marathon and it has become a cult like with its own quirky culture. The race starts when Lake lights a cigarette and the runners have to find pages from books scattered all over the course with the same page no. as their bib no. Every runner who does not complete is sounded a bugle. Only 40 runners get confirmed entries from Lake by way of a condolence mail.

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