Nowhere in Moravia


Nowhere in Moravia, a Czech film (2014) directed by Miroslav Krobot and starring Tatiana Vilhelmova, Lenka Krobotova among others. Nothing much in the movie. Maru (Tatiana) is a pub owner is a small village. Not much of activity there, she has a sister Jaruna (Lenka) who is a nurse and a spiteful mother who is constantly berating her. She sleeps around with the mayor, with the local roof repairer and allows another guy to fondle her breasts. Movie starts with a funeral of a countess, who has a brother Hans from Germany. Jaru manages to meet Hans while on a training trip to Munich. They hook up. Pretty much everybody in the village is seen drinking, eating and fucking endlessly. There is a murder towards the end and Maru’s mother has a heart stroke. Meanwhile Maru realises she is pregnant, but does’nt know who is the father. Tatiana is the major star in the movie. Lenka Krobotova has a good role in the movie.

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