Back Home


Back Home, a Romanian film (2014) directed by Andrei Cohn and starring Alexandru Papadopol, Ioana Flora, Andi Vasluianu among others. Robert (Alexandru) is a writer in Bucharet and has written a book of poems comes back to the village where he grew up. Here he meets up with his father but not on good terms with him. He lost his mother three years ago and coming for the first time after that. In the meanwhile father has remarried. Quite a bit of frosty relationship there. Then he goes to meet his school friends Petrica (Andi) and Paula (Ioana). Both have settled in life. Petrica is married with two kids and Paula is unmarried but happy with her grocery shop. Paula and Robert had some sort of spark in their earlier days, but all that is past now. Robert is the successful one and there is a bit of angst going on there among his school friends also. Its an art house movie with single camera. Acting is good.

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