The Secret


The Secret, a Danish film directed by Morten Kohlert and starring Marta Holm, Nanna Koppel, August Igor Svideniouk Egholm among others. One fine morning Plet (August) finds his mother lying on the floor he soon calls his sisters Donna (Marta) and Rianne (Nanna) for help. It is a stormy morning and they do not get any help with the ambulance. By then the mom has died and then get one ambulance call, but decide to not call for it, as they then realise they are alone in the world and they would be sent to a foster home. They stay with their mom and make appearances as if she has gone on a business trip to Sweden. It is a secret they carry on, but then realise later that even her mom had secrets of her own. Macabre story to start with, but progresses very well with the kids’ emotions. The kids love their mother so much that it anguishes them to know of her secrets. Wonderful acting by all the three kids and other main characters. Ending of the movie is quite beautiful.

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