The Battle of the Villa Fiorita


The Battle of the Villa Fiorita by Rumer Godden traces a very difficult subject, that what happens to the children when a divorce goes through. They are young impressionable minds and know of no worlds beyond their mother and father, so when the husband and wife divorce, they go through a lot and are not able to express it also. Fanny is a mother of three children, eldest being a girl of sixteen and and a boy Hugh and girl of eight Caddie. She goes through a messy divorce with her husband who is a colonel in the army. She falls in love with an Italian film director and she gets possession of her eldest girl while the younger kids are with the father. The young ones decide to bring their mother back so travel by various means, steamer, train, bus, walk etc. to an Italian villa. There follows lot of skirmishes, love, affection, angst, revolt, storm, anger, food in this delightful book, my first one by Rumer Godden.

A peek at wikipedia says that Rumer Godden grew up in India in Narayanganj (now in Bangladesh) and then opened a dance school in Calcutta in 1925 which she ran for 20 years. She stayed back in India until 1945 when she returned to Britain. She wrote more than 60 fiction and non fiction books of which 9 were set into films. Even this book was made into a movie.


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