travel in a Delhi metro

delhi metro

Yesterday i was in New Delhi to run the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Half Marathon. My hotel was in Defence Colony and i had to check out at 11.00 a.m. My flight from Terminal no. 3 was at 15.59 hours. So i had a lot of time between check out and flight time. So what do i do, i inquired from the hotel reception about the nearest metro station and the travel to the airport. He said i might have to change one line at least and the nearest station was South Ex, which i later realised was South Extension. I took an auto rickshaw to South Ex metro station (Rs.40) and then inquired about the metro lines to the airport. The guy at South Ex told me i had to change at INA and he took Rs.20/- from me and punched a ticket coupon. So i got in at South Ex and asked another guy about metro line to airport. He asked me which terminal i was scheduled to depart, and when i told him T-3, he quickly checked his app and told me to take the metro, get down at INA, which had the full name as Dilli Haat INA (though i don’t know what INA) stands for. The Delhi metro is huge by any standards, Mumbai metro is nowhere near its capacity. When i got down at INA i realsed there are multiples lines, there is a pink line, a yellow line, i think a blue line as well. Then i asked somebody else how to get to airport, he told me to take this line to New Delhi and then take another line to the airport. Again i don’t remember whether i went up or down, but under the ground Delhi metro is a different world altogether. i suspect they must have burrowed deep down to more than 15 floors level because each line has its own corridors, stair cases, escalators, office complex etc. From New Delhi metro, which i believe is also the culmination point for the New Delhi railway station as well, i had to take another airport express line (Rs.60) to the T-3. So this was a seating metro line, which had comfortable seats, place to keep your luggage etc. The distances between the stations were also huge like in Mumbai and unlike in metro where the stations are nearer to each other. So finally i reach the T-3 metro station, i had to climb through three levels of escalators to finally the T-3 terminus directly. Voila!! all inside Rs.80/-. Quite an experience.

PS: image used for representational purpose only and not with intention to violate the copyright.

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