love, art & stories – A.I.

This fourth edition of the A.I. series delves on the emotional level like love, creativity, & autonomous vehicles. How do you create an A.I. that remembers things about you and communicates to you in an empathy way. How does the emotional interaction gets build into the personal assistant software. Creating computer vision i.e. machines that are able to see is the next boundary.

The second project talks about A.I. writing film scripts from hundreds and thousands of actual film scripts from Hollywood downloaded onto the system, and the A.I. then recognising patterns to create a script. Few A.I. film scripts have already been made into movies like “Sunspring” “It’s no Game” etc.

The third project looks at A.I. powered race car in the sense of driverless race cars – how it can navigate the race courses, how it can overtake and how much speed it can achieve. The future of autonomous transportation is exciting.


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